Sunday, February 8, 2009


An emergency fund to help defer the costs of Jeremy Lusk's medical care has already been established and is set up to take donations immediately.

Through the quick-moving efforts of the Athlete Recovery Fund, those interested in making a donation may do so by visiting and clicking on the “make a donation” button. All donations made through this website, starting TODAY, are earmarked directly for Jeremy Lusk's care!

Financial arrangements are being put into place to pay for the Medi-Vac international air transportation that Jeremy will need once he is stable and can be transferred to a leading United States-based Head Trauma Center.

It is likely that these funds will be needed within the next few days; therefore immediate donations are certainly appreciated.

The Athlete Recovery Fund was established in 2007 and its function is to provide professional athletes in BMX, FMX and Skate Boarding with financial support after severe injury and granting funds for rehabilitation, equipment, long-term disability and educational scholarships.


  1. To Jeremy and his family
    I know I speak for everyone in our tight knit industry here in Australia we are praying for you and you are in all our thoughts here and where ever we may be, Hold tight brother we all believe you will get through this and come out on top.

  2. Dear Lauren,
    Nate contacted us last night about Jeremy's accident and asked us to start praying for him, you and your entire family. We are in constant prayer during every moment of the day. We hope some how this will bring you comfort during this difficult time. If there is anything we can do for you and your family back here in the states, please let us know.
    Stay strong,
    Tandy and Sandy Adams

  3. From Madrid, Ricky sends a big hug,keep praying for Lusk recover, Lusk nothing can stop you!

  4. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers...Much love

  5. From Costa Rica me and my family are praying a lot for you Jeremy!!!! Yo will be back!!! Carlos B.

  6. We have put you on prayer chains with national and international links, who have put you on their chains, everyone is praying for your complete healing and comfort for your family.

  7. have you and my prayers bro! stay strong and belive in god yull make it through. much love bro

  8. All my prayers go to Jeremy and his family... He'll make it thru...he's a fighter...
    Best wishes,

  9. BE STRONG.... All our prayers and positive energy to Jeremy and his family!!! Hope this turns out to be another scary anecdote like many others!!!
    We are with you.... GET BETTER!!!!
    VIviana D.
    San Jose, Costa Rica

  10. anyone who has the courage to fly and do the tricks you and the mulisha do, has the means of making it thru this tragedy!! My thoughts and prayers are with the Lusk family and Jeremy's Mulisha family right now. Stay strong Jeremy!

  11. Lauren and Jeremy, We are praying for you. Lauren, we are praying that you see positive healing in Jeremy and that you are able to have peace and rest. Jeremy, we are praying for the miracle of healing in every part of your body, mind and spirit that has been effected by this accident. Your talent blesses so many, and we are praying for your full recovery. km

  12. jeremy,
    best of wishes to u, u have to stay stong and pull through. We need u in the game

  13. Stick a fork in em.

  14. Hey Lauren, This is Erica from West Hills, I just want you to know we are all praying for you guys back in little Santee. Jeremy was an awesome person and a great friend in HIgh school, My heart goes out to you and the family. Stay Strong in the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ has a purpose for everything and everyone, and sometimes his plan isnt our plan and sometimes its painful but it is part of a bigger plan. Try to find JOy in the fact that Jeremy is with the maker of heaven and earth, no pain just love and happiness. If you need anything there are so many loving people available and if you can get in the word, Psalms is the best place to start.
    With Love,
    Erica and friends of little Santee, California

  15. I remember watching Jermey getting started with his freestyle career out on El Monty, it didnt take long for him to get big, he had the drive and the sprit of a "pitbull"! I know all of us here in lksd are praying for him, his wife Lauren and the rest of the family.

    I know these are hard times, but please take the time to make a donation in Jermey's name and buy wristbands from or online through Motorworld.

  16. Dear Lauren,

    Hopefully you get this email as I know much time has passed since we were last in contact. Norma and I just found out this morning about Jeremy's tragic accident. We were in shock and disbelief. We are very sorry for your loss and we wanted to let you know if you need any support or need someone to call please don't hesitate to reach out to us as we are here for you! We will always remember Jeremy, and we have very fond memories of him! We will keep you and your family in our prayers.

    Warmest Regards,
    Norma & John NR3

  17. hey im doin everything i can to get just a little money for you guys in your time of need . well...jeremy was my hero and in life my goals were to be just like him one day.

  18. I'm so sorry for your tragic loss.
    I will be donating to the fund for Jeremy.
    Thank you for organizing this lovely blog and also this method to donate money to defray costs.

    May God Bless, Comfort, and Strengthen You All.

  19. My prayers go out to the Lusk and Mulisha family as well as to his friends and fans. We praise God knowing that Jeremy is a man of God and he has graduated to heaven. May Jeremy lead others to a knowledge of Christ.
    God bless you all with peace, comfort, provision and strength. Proverbs 3:5- Trust in God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

  20. my prayer goes out to jeremy and the mulisha family let him r.i.p.My dream was to be like him and he was my hero

  21. This is TTrain i looked up to him and even though i didnt know him personaly he was a good rule modal for me and im praying for him and i have to go in to a race blinedfolded because i have a knew bike and i have know time to practice because of sports and stuff i will keep praying for him. TTrain 11 years old i pray for him every day he Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. This is tyer creasy. Jermy lusk was the god father of frestyle.It will not make it much fun now without him. But i know that i will remember him for the reast of my life.He is and always will be the champion

  23. Im truely sorry for your lose I really didnt know of him but my son did and we would like to send our warm thoughts to you and your family in this tragic time our prays are with you. And he will never be forgotten for my son put a memorial on his cherrytree records web site for him may God comfort you and your family during this sad time God Bless