Sunday, February 8, 2009

Update #1

**Update what we have heard so far as of 8am PST 2/8/09:
-He made it through the surgery which was great because they only gave a 5% chance of that.
-They had to drain a hematoma from the skull.
-He has an enlarged brain so they could not close his skull back up, they have to wait for swelling to go down.
-The next 24 hours is critical, so please keep praying! He did get a fever but they are controlling that.
-The promoter has been great getting stuff organized for the family. Lauren and his dad will have a phone line to update people from the hospital.
-It has been about 7 hours since the surgery. Some family is there already whole others are trying to get emergency passports. Please pray for favor in that situation as well.
-They are not even attempting to work on anything else right now, the most important is to get him stabilized.


  1. Just wish him all the best and a quick recovery. I cannot think what the family is going through right now but you have the supprot of all jeremy's fans.
    God Bless.

  2. Just one in the mx world heartbroken over the loss of a fellow rider

  3. You was superstar to the fmx industry. I followed you through the years and you will be greatly missed. Much love. R.I.P.

  4. Its michelle, Jeremy you were my absolute favorite rider. metal mulisha is my favorite team, you ill be missed. i was devestated when i heard about the crash. Ride In Peace lusk pitbull nothing will be the same without you!